Tuesday, March 16, 2010


After 2 years and 2 days and 2 babies Mike and I got sealed on March 6, 2010. (get it 2,2+2=4 ha ha) at the Salt Lake Temple.

Anyways I'm not going to post many photos until Mike and I get them back from Annie (below is our photographer) She does such a great job. But it was truly a wonderful day.

Here's a recap:
  • Mike, Diana and Heidi (our friends) helped us decorate the gym until around 1am.
  • Mike and I woke up around 7am so I could finish the wedding cake.
  • Everyone was late to the temple except Mike and I. ( I guess that's all that matters)
  • I tripped on my wedding dress so many times
  • I worn sneakers under my dress ;-)
  • Mike looked so handsome.
  • Lily and Ducati cried so loud in the sealing room that the sealer had to talk louder so everyone could hear over them. Mike and I couldn't help but laugh.
  • Lily and Ducati looked so beautiful. Wow- we never seen Lily so clean.
  • Annie did my hair. She's a cosmetologist as well as a photographer. She was great to have with us that day.
  • Hailey and Mason were so excited to be going to the temple with us.
  • Half the people who ever at the sealing left before photos. So when I post them I'll write who was not photographed.
  • We received a few gifts from people. Laurel- a Families are forever clock, Daina-waffle maker (we love it), Sue-blender (we love shakes), a few cards and money/gift cards.
  • I shared my top secret truffle recipe with Heidi. Sorry it's in the vault.

But despite all that went right and wrong it was an amazing experience

But I will post about our reception and all the photos. See next post.

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