Monday, September 28, 2009

Harvest Fest

After everyone being sick we were finally able to have a family fun night. So we went to the Harvest Fall Fest at.....

When we first got there we seen a horse drawn carriage that taxi's you around the farm.

We took full advantage of that. Our first stop was the spooky train.

Mason being the strong independent type sat up front by the conductor. He likes being the leader of things.

Hailey wanted to sit in the haunted jail. Lily and I sat in the middle and just enjoyed the ride. She kept giggling while the ride went.

Afterwards the kids went on pony rides. Lily was of course too small for a ride but that didn't stop Hailey and Mason from getting their turn.

After this we went to the Blackout Maze.
Actually Hailey and Mike went in....Mason, Lily and I stayed outside.We're too smart to go in a pitch black maze. It turns out that Mike had to open his cell phone so Hailey could see. She was getting scared.

Who can resist a Hay Jump? We can't!!!!
Yup... even Lily had a jump assist.

Next was the corn maze..... all I have to say is "NEVER AGAIN!!!!!"
The first 20 minutes was fun...then the next 20 minutes was annoying since we got lost.....

the next 10 minutes were frustrating since we were lost and hungry.... so I grabbed some corn from the stalks and gave it to the kids.....but the last 10 minutes we couldn't help but laugh since we were still lost. But Mike was determined to get us out of there without cheating....and he did. (but see the first picture -there's still daylight when I took the photo )

But after our somewhat mixed emotion corn maze Mike and the kids hit the super slide. Which to my understanding went super fast that the kids would knock down Mike when he tried to catch them at the bottom.
After the slide we caught a ride on the carriage again and headed back home. This was a night we really deserved.
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