Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Utah Food Bank

"For I was hungry, and ye gave me meat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink..." 

Matthew 25:35

A while back I read reading something on fb and something changed within my heart.Being a mother is no easy role. It's not easy to teach my kids life lessons, school lessons, home lessons, and work lessons. But I need to make certain choices on how I want my kids to walk as adults. 

So I want to teach my kids how to walk with the Lord. How to be honorable. To be honest. Love to learn. Hold a charitable heart. Assume the good and doubt the bad in people. 

But these lessons can't be taught from just talking. I need to put these words into motion. So I looked around how how my kids can help those in need. Most shelters/services/charities have age requirements. But that didn't stop me. I found out on the Utah Food Bank that my kids and I can deliver boxes of food to people. To the people who need it but can't get to the food bank.

We signed up and fell in love with the spirit that this service brings. 

 In the 1 hour it takes to pick up the boxes from the food bank and then deliver I seen my kids (and myself too) attitudes change, energy increase, joy fill our spirits. They were so excited to see if the person was home so they could give all the yummy goodness to them. 

We signed up to do this once a month for the next 6 months. 

I also found out this fact. That the food banks are in need of fresh produce and perishable items. It never accord to me that all the food that drives collect are canned/non perishable foods. So to have a fresh tomatoes or banana I never thought about others not having access to this. 
So I signed up with the Utah Food Bank's program The Green Urban Lunchbox.
This is a group where locals sign up to be drop off stops. Each drop off site collects the produce, weighs it, then takes it to the designated food bank in the area. 

I am the only drop off site in my county. :( It's sad but at least there is 1 now. 

The Bountiful Pantry is my designated food drop off.
This is me after dropping off 108lbs of produce at 8am. I'm super tired but SUPER joyful that people, strangers, are caring about other's so much to drop off produce.

One week I got this at my door. This photo card was attached to a 16lb bag of produce. It's such a wonderful way to honor someone by helping someone else.

My kids have grown so excited about this project. They are always looking in our food bank box to see if there's any donation. They are excited to hand the bags off to the pantry workers. They are excited to go grocery shopping since it means they can pick a few things out for the pantry. I'm so happy we can do this as a family. I'm thankful for the prompting which lead us to finding ways to service others. 

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