Saturday, August 13, 2016

Daddy Daughter Camp Out

Mike, Lily, and Ducati headed up to Camp Woodland for our ward's Daddy Daughter Camp Out. This is their first year attending. Our girls were so excited to go have some alone time with their favorite fella. Me on the other hand- I was bored out of my mind. So I binged watched Limitless until everyone came home.( I missed the noise)

But when everyone came home I heard stories of camp fires, s'mores, climbing trees, walking by a stream, playing games, coloring rocks, hiking under trees, seeing our neighbors, cuddling (smashing) dad on the air mattress, cooking hotdogs, eating pancakes, and so much more. 

They look like friends ♥

Ducati was pretending the camp chair footstool as her TV. She missed her shows! 

They came home to happy and feeling loved. Mike enjoyed his quality time with his daughters. I'm so happy they did this. They are already looking forward to next years camp out. 

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