Friday, August 12, 2016

Bear Lake

For our one last Hoo-Rah of summer we went to Bear Lake for a few days. 
We haven't been here in a couple of years so everything was all new to us. 
We camped at Bear Lake Hot Springs.

This place is small. Camp neighbors are close to us. Camp fee is cheap. There's only potta-john's. The store is expensive so we tried not to forget anything. The pools are pricey and small. Our reservations got jumbled and we had to move camp sites twice. 
But after all that this is our favorite place to be. 

Because we had to move camp sites twice the staff gave us a 1 day pass to their pools so we took advantage of them after we set up.

 I love my weirdo bunch! ♥

Hand stands in the pool and throwing kids is what my husband does while on vacation.

Yup that's Mike under water holding his breathe. He wanted to break his record of 1 minute 38 seconds.

While camping this was my first time making tin foil meals. I do believe my camp cooking skills have improved over the years. Tonights dinner chili cheese fries. Yummo!!

The next couple of days consisted of camping is sort of a blur. It was so relaxing. Our usual get-aways require us to be on full speed. Drinking energy drinks from morning to late evening. Even giving our kids a Redbull to keep them going. This time we just relaxed. Woke up to birds chirping. Watched sunrises and sunsets. Got sand in our toes. We were just... chill!

A few of Lily and Ducati's fave spots to stand and sit. And yes, they named each spot.




 "Big Tree"



But to camp at a lake front place means we went to the lake A LOT!
That's fine with us. We froze a little but that just adds character to our personalities.

Here we are 9am and I'm freezing my cookies off. No amount of leggings, hoodies, blanket, or direct sunlight could warm me up. Brrr!!But our kids.... they didn't feel a thing. They wanted me to splash around in the water with them. Sorry kiddos- No way! I waited until 1pm when the sun was right above us and the water was warm.

Mike totally fell asleep in his chair in the lake. It was so adorable!

This place is absolutely beautiful! Next years goal is the come in the middle of summer when we're sweating at 9am instead. (haha).

But camping with my family lead to some funny moments.
 Our Ducati looking so cool in her shades. She cracks me up!

 Me and my guy. I love him so much!

This owl coming over every night. Our girls just watched him. Mike would get bored and pull out his laser pen. The owl would chase it around the tree branch and it's feathers which just amused everyone more which lead to staring at it longer.

Me wanting to not cook again on our vacation so we headed into town for the most expensive fast food meal we've eaten to date. La Beau's might be famous but they are expensive.
Ducati's invention on how to eat a corn dog without dirtying her hands.

  Mike and Hailey enjoying their expensive burgers.

  My crazy kids. I love this bunch so much!

This trip was not well planned. We forgot towels, spent way more money that we planned, got tons of bug bites, lost a bag of food which had groceries inside, and forgot to pack warm pj's and pants.

But this trip was exactly what we needed to feel centered again. To regain our family unity. To get connected before the school year starts again. We're all so thankful for these peaceful moments we can reflect on later.

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