Monday, June 6, 2016

Solomon's Island

Something we learned about Maryland is that there's tons of beaches. Beaches are everywhere. But some of these beaches are private so this means finding free beaches can be harder than one thinks. But thankfully our brother-in-law is smart and knew of this place. 

Naval Recreation Center Solomon's Island. A private beach for military. Love it!!! 

This beach is on the Chesapeake Bay so the water temp was different from the Atlantic Ocean. That doesn't stop us!

Mike and Teagan using teamwork to bury Hailey.

This isn't the best photo but I wanted to capture this moment. Our girls were loving the opportunity to spend with their aunt that they were with her, by her side, most of our beaching time. I love that they can have this sort of relationships with their aunts and uncles.

I love my guy! He's so amazing!

Our family has a little weird fetish. We made up an imaginary land called Fartoptia! (Fart-topia) So every time someone farts, which happens a lot in our house, they are helping to build Fartopia. So while at the beach Mike and I made Fartopia. 

Jerome added to Fartopia, not by farting, but with this dead ray he found. It's like a guard standing at the entrance and only those who pay the toll, of farting, can enter in. Sophia said she'd never do that. So we kicked her out of Fartopia.


Haha! Getting 9 kids and 4 adults to smile at the same time is a challenge. So I'm just going with this photo. :)

Mike is making one of his sand pools he usually makes everywhere we go. Aurora, Teagan, Landon, and Sophia wanted to experience their uncle's pool so they kept it to themselves. It's funny since the Bay is 2 feet away from them and they just want to stay in this little poo. That's fine. At least they got to experience it.

After sand and sun we headed back "home" to show and begin our packing. In the process of packing this gave us more time to spend with family and soak up every second we could.

We hugged everyone goodbye. Then rehugged everyone again. As we drove off Aurora, Sophia, Teagan, and Landon chased after our van, waving good-bye. Aww! That just left me in tears. We weren't even to the airport and I was already texting Angela.

It was such an amazing vacation. We seen and witnessed things that many people never have. We walked in places that held more history than any other place in this country. But what was more memorable was the memories we made with our family.

Of Aurora singing so loud to each song on the radio. We still can't listen to some song without reminiscing about her. The way Teagan and Mason acted towards eachother. Mason held him while we walked around DC and Teagan started to fall asleep on him. The way Sophia would tell me, Boo-she, and squeeze my cheeks. The way Jaycob would roll his R's at us or scream to be held. The way Landon's eyes light up when he seen the magician find a card. The way Mike and Jerome acted like kids all over again, '' Are you afraid of a forth grader?" (inside joke) The way Angela and I just chatted everything. It was just so much fun to be around them. This vacation left an everlasting imprint on us.
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