Wednesday, June 1, 2016

First time flying

God blessed our family with some extra money. And sure we could have brought another car or a new washer and dryer but Mike and I have the mind set that making memories are more important than stuff. So we used that extra money and went to Maryland!!

We chose there because we were prompted to go. Mike's sister lives there with her family. We have always wanted to see the East Coast. I have cousins there. Washington D.C. is super close. So all things fit when the prompting came to go to Maryland.

It took us 3 weeks to get things in order. Flights, rental car, packing, entertainment for our kids, and finding only TSA approved items.
On the day we went our kids were so super excited and nervous that they woke up extra early and waited anxiously until it was flight time.
As we picked up Mike from work and drove to the airport our kids nerves started to rise. So we said a little prayer and all things we ok again.

Passing through TSA was easier than expected. So this gave our kiddos a chance to wander and soak up airport life. Looking through those huge windows enchanted them. 

When it came time to board their nerves came back. At first we had to wait our turn but Mike asked the flight attendant since Mason's autistic and is having some trouble the airline workers allowed us on first on our flights home.
(Hailey took this picture)

Between the roaring engines, one airplane not functioning correctly which lead to us having to re-board a different plane,  and booking red-eyes we learned a little more no how to travel with kids.
Our kids did absolutely wonderful. They slept fine. They were able to entertain themselves. We only have 1 argument in the 10 hours of flying. So know we know we can do this again.

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