Sunday, June 19, 2016

Being a Father

Fathers Day has always been hard for me. I was raised without a consistent father in my life. My biological father didn't have room for me in his new life. My ex-step father made sure to keep me at a distance. So here I am 32 years old without a dad.
Not having a father in my life has completely impacted me. That feeling of "not being worthy" has stayed with me for most my life.
I see and watch how Mike interacts with our kids and I long for those memories as well. I would have loved for my dad to twirl me on a wet kitchen floor. I would have appreciated driving with him to get a car part. I would have cherished eating Happy Meals with him. I would have loved being read too, given a lecture, or hugged. My list is endless.
What fathers do for their children is so important. I hope they realize their role as a father is so important. I never needed money, fancy clothes, or perfection. All I needed was his love and his time.
If you're a father and reading this; know you are making your kids better. Just by being by their side you're making their world so much happier.
I'm so thankful for my husband knowing and taking his role as a father so seriously that it makes me jealous. Fathers Day isn't enough to show my appreciation for all he does.
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