Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ocean City, Maryland

When we arrived in Maryland 3 hours later we picked up our car and drove to Mike's sister, Angela's, house. They live on Camp Andrews Base so we needed them to be awake so they could get us inside the base. So when we arrived we weren't on the list, we couldn't get on base, we didn't have anywhere to park. But thankfully Angela and her husband, Jerome, stood up waiting for us. Jerome picked us up and we finally were inside a home.Yeah!!!

After 2.5 hours of sleep we woke up to 4 giggling kids surrounding our faces. I'll never forget that memory. :)

But what was most important was that it was our niece's birthday. Aurora turned 8 years old. Angela and Jerome have the birthday kiddo select their favorite breakfast so we ate pop-tarts for breakfast. We were fine with that! :)

After getting dress and opening presents we headed out on our first adventure......

 Ocean City, Maryland!!

I looked up and did some research thanks to Pinterest on fun things to do while in Maryland and this was one of those places that looked amazing. But of course when we got there the weather was rainy and foggy. But that never stops us.

While driving to Ocean City (which was 3.5 hours away from the base) I kept telling Mike about the bridges I would drive over when I lived in Virginia. How there's bridges that allow you to drive right over the water. So while we drove he finally seen what I was talking about and thought they were just as cool as I described.

Then when we arrived at Ocean City there was a chill in the air but again.... that never stops us. This is the Atlantic Ocean we're talking about. Rain, fog, and chill will never stop us.

When we got to the beach Aurora asked in great joy and excitement if we could play in the sand. We're all like "YES!" So Mike, all the kids, and I were running and playing in the sand. Once the kids seen the ocean we lost all control. Mike and the kids ran to the ocean and started playing. 

The water was so warm. Something we noticed in comparison to the Pacific Ocean.

We tried our best to just keep our feet wet but then one thing lead to another and soon kids were soaking wet. But we're only going to be here today so we needed to enjoy every moment we could.

I love this photo. Little Jaycob fingers photobombing my picture. I love being an aunt.

My Lily is such a beach babe. 

Jacyob noticed her beachness and wanted to take a photo with her. Next he wanted a piece of if for himself.

After splashing and enjoying the ocean waters for some time we wanted to continue our adventuring so we explored the boardwalk. Besides the shops there were everywhere there was also a magic show.

This magician was No-Vegas show but the kids were so entertained. Their faces were so thrilled by those cheesy magic tricks. Us adults giggled while we heard Teagan and Aurora saying out load. "WHAT!!" It was so adorable that I don't want to ever forget.

All the kids were getting cold so instead of leaving we purchased some woven blankets and continued on with adventuring. Angela found this little amusement park inside Ocean City. The regular outside larger rides were closed since it was raining but there was a little game/ride center inside. So for $20 we got some tickets and rode some rides :)

Lily and Aurora instantly bonded. They were constantly holding hands with eachother. It was adorable!!!

The rides were the older type of rides that squeaked when they went around. The sort an old carnival might have. Comes to think of it this was an old carnival. LOL! Either way all the kids had fun and this gave us adults a chance to chat.

After all the tickets were gone we went outside, found a picnic table, and enjoyed some snacks. But these snacks didn't hold us over for long. So we found a seafood restaurant on the boardwalk, Atlantic Stand, and it was such a disappointment. Yucky!!! For being on the boardwalk they serves frozen fish. This place needs the help of Gordon Ramsey. But now we took the long drive back to Angela and Jerome's home, showered, ate birthday cake, and finally slept. What an amazing day!!

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