Saturday, April 3, 2010

No Bunny Easter

Mike and I sat the kids down and explained that there was no such thing as a Easter Bunny. After a few questions the kids were OK with that. They actually took it a lot better than I thought. So we explained that we can still play bunny games but it's going to be dad hiding the eggs not a weird over sized rabbit. They agreed. So we started off by making these bunny baskets.
Here's Lily's basket. She wasn't much into details so she was the first one done.
 Ducati let me help her with her basket.  But then the egg games started.

 Mike went outside and literally just threw the eggs and egg bags around the house. The rules of the game was the each kid had to pick their own eggs. Starting with the youngest each kid had a 10 second advantage to find eggs before the bigger kids ( mostly Mason) came out and ran around like crazy. So Mike manned the room. I took Ducati and Lily out and have 20 seconds to find what we could.

Lily went crazy getting as many eggs as she could find.

Then Hailey came out. See the egg bag behind her. She didn't even see it. Lily came behind her and grabbed the bag.
But then it was Mason's turn. He went out running. Towards the end they all needed some help finding some eggs. Mostly due to the fact Mike purchased camo eggs the kids couldn't see them in the grass. Ha Ha

 Afterwards they all came inside and counted their loot.

 Ducati enjoyed her prizes very much. Yummy easter lollipops!
Mike played lizard jacks with the kids before conference started again.

There was no bunnies hopping around our house but the kids were still very happy with this the outcome.

But besides bunny game we watched conference, took some notes, ate some good food, and enjoyed each others company. Happy Easter!
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