Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Field Trip

With homeschooling Mike and I wanted to take advantage of this great weather and get out of the house so we planned a field trip to the Gateway. We started out with a pack lunch for all our students ;-) Then we headed to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. It was way fun! Here's all our fun photos....

The Garden Center- it's a huge beehive that shows kids (and adults) how bees work to make honey. With all these tubes, holes, balls that all connect to the big beehive.
Market-the kids learned where food comes from i.e. gardens, farms, etc. It was adorable that they filled up their cart with produce. Yes for fruit and veggies!

Construction zone- here you can build houses. It was funny- the kids just wanted to demo the houses. They watch Extreme Home Makeover too much
 Neighborhood house- this was a little play house with a living room and kitchen. Mason went to the couch and read this kid a book. Hailey and Lily went to the kitchen to cook Mike and I a meal. I had hot cocoa and crackers.
 Toddler Time- when we got to the museum we signed the kids up for a reading/craft project. So they listened to a Dr. Seuss book and made a craft.
 Lily found a frog and was entertained with it during the story.

Water Works- this cool place showed how miners did....something... everyone was just splashing around when we were here.
 Some other awesome things that were at the museum...
This was an awesome field trip. We really need to plan some more of these.
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