Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day!

Usually we don't celebrate this joker's day but this year Mike and I decided to give it a try. Especially since Mother Nature pranked us. What a wonderful spring time photo. But it's OK. After explaining to the kids what today was all I heard for about 30 minutes was "Hey Mom- you have a spider on your head. Ha Ha Aprils Fools". Each kid alternated what was on my head with something different from a teddy bear to a grape. It was cute how they tried. Then I started the morning off with these tiny baby sized pancakes. Mason and Hailey didn't like them.
But Lily didn't seem to mind. I guess it was just the right size.
Then Mike woke up and did the prank of clear wrap on the doorway. He had Mason run into our room and WHAM!! His face went right into the clear wrap. It was mostly Mike and I doing some little prank but later Hailey wanted to join in. She wanted to scare Mike so I mixed some marshmallow creme and red food coloring and put it on her arm. She was suppose to run out and scream like she got hurt....but she got stage fright. She came out giggling. Mike still played along.

But she gave up and just started eating her fake blood. It was a fun day. Happy April Fools' Day!!!

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