Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Night

This night was so much fun. We haven't done an outing for a while so it was much needed. Mike suggested we all go bowling. It's our thing.... so we called up a friend of ours, Sarah, and she brought her son, Eric, and we all headed to Pullman's Alley. Hailey did awesome tonight. She and Eric tied with a score of 76. Mason lost with a score of 72. But it didn't seem to matter since he was stuffing his face with fries and fruit punch.
Lily bowled a few times with Mike but she was mostly interested in eating the fries and napkins.
Mike won the whole game. His score was 106, Sarah scored 103 and I scored 101. I think I should get some bonus points since I bowled with Ducati sleeping in my moby. But I guess it's alright since Sarah now has a new high score.
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