Monday, September 14, 2015

Out of luck

 Cati has been the victim of so many accidents lately that I'm tempted to make her a bubble girl (like from Seinfeld) and keep her there until everyone else works on their aim.

She got her first black eye from Hailey hitting her with a golf club. Purely an accident but still ouch! 
Mike tells me that he's thankful for my medical training. Even though I never finished nursing school the fact I know how to care for my family has saved us in many situations. 
Anyways I stopped the blessing, applied icy veggies on her eye (veggies fit better in her eye socket than those block cube ice packs) and applied some essential oils. After a few minutes she told me she didn't feel any pain. She was all giggles and wanted to go golf again. 

Next were her 7 shots for kindergarten. 
It's more than average kids since we don't believe in immunizations while our kids are babies. So she had to have a few more to catch her up. 
 Then she stepped on broken glass. I was able to calm the blessing down and were able to pull a few big pieces from her toe but I couldn't get the tiny micro pieces so Mike took her to instacare. 
I hate knowing I failed her by not bein able to do this but sometimes I need help. So the doctor took those tiny pieces out and sealed her up with medical grade super glue. :) 
So now she runs around not looking out for any sharp corners and just plays freely like she always has. At least she's resilient.