Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dressed in white

Weather is changing.
 Cooler days.
 Freezing nights.
 Sweaty afternoons. 

So a task I've been doing this week is going through all our kids clothes. Packing up some summer stuff. Getting rid of the stuff that doesn't fit. Having a few hour long fashion shows having each girl try on the other sisters clothes to see what item fits who. 
So after clearing all this out it's time to step up to the challenge of clothing 4 kids for under $100! 
So I've used coupons, cartwheel, on-line credits, yard sales, and thrift shops. And so far I'm right where I need to be. 
Until I seen this..... 
Lily found this beautiful white dress at the thrift store. It's in fantastic condition. So beautiful that all my kids just begged me to buy it for her and just to put it away for her baptism. 
To remind you she's only 6. So she will have this dress for 14 months before she can use it. 
But after looking at her in it I was speechless. I haven't seen Lily dress like this since Mike and I were sealed. The way she looked in this white dress.... I brought it. 
It hangs in my closet where every morning she comes in and looks at her dress. She talks about how she needs to start making right choices since she'll be getting baptized soon. That she can't be playing around with temptation if she's going to show God how much she loves him. All this from a dress. 
It's true a dress can change a person.