Thursday, September 24, 2015


This school year we're doing something different. We are still homeschooling our kids but instead of an on-line school where they have lessons daily and are required to log into conference sessions I found a school in a new direction. They provided me with a list of topics that my kids need to learn this year and each subject has one worksheet. For example rock erosion. So I teach my kids this lesson however I chose then they fill out the worksheet. Easy!

So far I'm loving this. It's just enough structure where I stay on course but enough freedom to do other activities like field trips to the library, parks, Spanish class, soccer lessons, and have family time. 
 But another plus side with this school is once a week class. They go to school for a few hours to take science, art, p.e., etc.
  Here are my kiddos showing my some love on their first day. 
They love this. They hang out with friends, develop social skills and independence all the while I  grocery shop by myself. 
So far this school year has been different. We're so use to "school" like structure that it made learning sucky. Now I'm trying to bring an joy back into it. Slow and steady my kids are wanting to learn. They want to do math. They want to write in their journals. It's different for sure. But we needed different .