Monday, May 25, 2015

Taking a Break

So we are starting to get caught up again in the dreadful routine again. 
Our truck broke down which lead to a couple of weeks of borrowing a car and buying another one. 
Everyone in our family was ill for 2 weeks. 
This lead to us using most of food stockpile which I'm very much thankful for. 
But mostly our house has been filled with quick snaps, bickering, tantrums, and a few broken dishes so we had to mix things up. 
Last night we went to the drive in. Our kids were so exhausted from tension they weren't even excited. 
Mommy fail! 
So while we waited for our double feature of Tomorrowland & Avengers we played with chalk, enjoyed storytime,had a picnic dinner, and finally lightened up enough to enjoy our time together. I don't know why we struggle with having fun as a family. We allow things like meetings, chores, work stuff, homeschooling, and blah, blah, blah. 
New goal: family dates twice a month. 

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