Thursday, April 23, 2015

Reward Date

As of late my kids have been.... challenging. 
Slamming doors.

All things that we teach them not to be.

 However Ducati has been choosing the right. She's our kiddo that tells the truth no matter the consequence (which usually isn't anything since we tell our kids if they are honest there will be no punishment).
She's the only one who takes advantage of this "get-out-of-jail" free card. 
She's been helpful. Been doing her chores. Hasn't fought back when someone else picks on her. Just all around been a shining light so to reward her good behavior Ducati and I had a Mommy/Cati shopping date. 
I got a Kohl's gift card in the mail the other day which are always nice. :) So we headed there first where she found this pink, glitterly, sparkly Queen Elsa dress. She loves anything Frozen so of course she fell in love with it and was added to her shopping cart :)

 And she also found her favorite accessory, umbrellas! I have no clue where this obsession comes from but I hope it never goes away. She's so adorable with all her umbrellas. So when she seen this Cinderella one she just had to have it. :)

With the gift card and my alotted budget she was able to pick up both items and still have a few bucks left to find a princess rug at the thrift store. :)

It is so nice to spend 1-on-1 time with my kids. But this afternoon was peaceful, happy, filled with giggles and cuddles.  A nice break from the tension back at home. 

side note: I'm one of those parents that will reward good behavior. Small praise works just fine. But in our house we want longevity. And words can only go so far. If you are doing a great job at your workplace you'd get a raise or some sort of recognition (Employee of the Month, a longer break, a pizza party, etc..... this happens at Mike and I's workplace) so we took this mindset and applied it to our kids. They work hard they get rewarded. And so far it's driven our other oldest to get their act together in hopes to be invited on the next reward date.

But right now I'm just soaking up all the little moments I had with my little princess today.