Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I got a job!

Yes it's been close to 7 years or maybe 8 years ( I don't remember anymore ) that I have been unemployed. It's by choice not because I couldn't find a job.
I dedicated 100% of my time, energy, and focus into my children. Husband. Home. Homeschool. Church callings. Service. Couponing. and anything else life sends my way.

But Mike told me about a position with the church for a part time graveyard shift. The hours would be perfect since I can still focus on everything I want to focus on and work while everyone is asleep.

So I applied, interviewed, and got the job! I know it's mostly since Mike's my husband and everyone knows him. So 100% nepotism!  Whatever.... he might of gotten my foot in the door but I kept it there. :)

So our plan is to live off his salary still and save all of mine. Since we zero out our savings more often than we'd like my paycheck will be going into savings and retirement. That's it!

I just wanted to post this amazing new milestone in our lives. :)