Monday, October 21, 2013


This man is one super awesome dude!
For some time there he was working 3 jobs....
1) Lifetime
2) church
3) weekend handyman

So he was always busy and tired. But anyone who seen Mike knew that Heavenly Father was truly helping him. Working 3 jobs, callings, family, home life, projects, and still tried to sleep somewhere in between there. But then when the time came Mike got promoted at his church job. YEAH!!! 

With that promotion came a raise which gave us enough to be able to quit one of his full time jobs. We prayed and it was confirmed that he's to quit Lifetime. So that meant saying good bye to his lifetime buddies. These people are so nice and kind that not just Mike but our entire family is going to miss them. But it was time.

The last day was bitter sweet. His co workers have him a good-bye party at work.
Which gave our kids the idea to throw Mike a "Welcome Home" party. So on the following monday when mike was asleep they made him some cards, breakfast in bed, and surprised him with a song.

Sweet kids! But even sweeter to have Mike home :)
So for the moment Mike does the 2 jobs. Which is more of a little 1.5 jobs. Since the handyman job is more on Mike's schedule.
But it's great! Life is great!

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