Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hailey's Baptism Photos

My daughter will be turning 8. This is such an important birthday in our faith. She has chosen to be baptized which is so special since it will happen on her birth date. So Mike and I talked with Hailey on what and how she wanted to celebrate this special decision. She told us that she wanted to invite everyone she knew to witness her special day.
So I got to planning months for her baptism date.
* Get white dress- CHECK
* coordinate with other girl's mother on details- CHECK
* make sure Mike has the day off- semi CHECK
* bishop interview- CHECK

The only thing we needed to do still was prepare her invites. So once the Primary president informed us on the time her baptism will be taking place we booked the photographer for her photos.

I wanted Hailey to have special photos of her on this special day. Something tangible to look back on as time passes by and temptation started to come. But our photographer was booked. So after trying to reschedule several times it just didn't happen so I have it a try. Hey I did work in a kid photography studio so I'll have to dust off my old skills and give it a crack.

Hailey was so kind to do this in a December winter. Although it was a perfect freshly snowed background at Bountiful Temple she did freeze a little.

and here are some pictures with her friend, Hailey (also the girls name). So both Hailey's were getting baptized together. They couldn't be happier. :)

Now to keep calm and feel the spirit for this amazing day.
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