Monday, October 21, 2013


After much debate (mostly with myself) and a lot of praying (to make sure I was understanding my prompting) we are homeschooling this year. We homeschooled Mason for alittle bit but that ended when both Mike and I have the prompting he needed to go back to school. 
So we followed. 
Then we had the prompting again to bring home all our kids and home school everyone. So we did. 
This is what our first day of school looked like. Pj's at 10am. Smiles and giggles. Jumping around since we all got to spend MORE time together. It was alittle rough for me to find balance with school lessons, house work, grocery shopping, couponing, cooking, play time, and etc. We're still learning that balance but it's helpful that we have one motto to help us keep track:
Remember to have fun! 
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