Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hailey's 6!

Our sweetheart turned 6! A much awaited day for her. She now can use 2 hands to show her age. But with her birthday being on a weekday her party planning was somewhat tricky. Even more tricky was her behavior. Mike and I were set that she wasn't going to have a party since her behavior on both Mike's and Lily's birthday was less than pleasant. But through some hard work on her part and some soft talking on my part towards Mike- we planned a very small and simple party for her. But the next dilemma was all her friends had dance that evening or were in the afternoon kindergarten PLUS Mike had to work so we all agreed in a birthday lunch.

So with a few last minute phone calls to parents, a few handmade invites, a helium tank from Wal-Mart the party was set.

Miss Hailey is an early riser. So when she woke up at 5am she was alone in the living room just starring at her doll. Probably soaking in the delight of getting what she wanted. And let me just say I'm so proud of her that she waited until I woke up. Sad to say but this Mom woke up like 5 minutes too late so I didn't see her reaction when she walked into the living room and seen her doll. Next year I'll set my alarm for 4:30am instead of 5:30am to make sure I don't miss her reaction
 Anyways she was so happy to get this doll. During the summer she got one of those American Girl catalogs in the mail and fell in love with the dolls. I mean LOVE!!! But we didn't love the price of one of those dolls. ($160 starting) So I checked around and seen some other dolls and she peeked in on me searching on-line and really liked this doll. It's  Target's Our Generation doll. And with sale and coupon we paid around $28. Still expensive for a doll but oh well.....SHE LOVED IT!  She named her doll, Hailey, and it came with an extra outfit, a few accessories, and a book. So not bad for that price.

I tried to catch her reading the book but she pulled this face on me instead. What a ham!
 So this doll was at Hailey's side all morning and night. She also got this pink sparkle shirt for her birthday. But she loved this doll even more.
Anyways soon it was time for school. She wanted to take a treat to her class for her birthday. So we sent packaged grapes for everyone. Something healthy and not very messy. But while she was gone Mason and I set up a checklist of cleaning the house, putting up a few more decorations, wrapping some small gifts, etc. Everything that makes a birthday special we did it in 3 hours.
But she was so happy when she walked up to the door and seen balloons and a sign all there to greet her on her day. Since her guest were coming in a few minutes Mason, Lily, and Ducati gave Hailey their gifts. And YES- Ducati is topless on this photo. She hates clothes....what can I say?

But now it was PARTY TIME! Ever wonder what 35 balloons look like when 8 kids get a hold of them.....a BLUR!

Mike and I settled on a very simple and go-gurts with juice. Everyone loved it ♥

Gifts..... all I'll say is Hailey was spoiled!
Cake.... I made it for her while she was in school.
and now a movie. Hailey wanted a pizza and movie party. Something completely manageable. So after serving everyone a slice of cake we put on Judy Moody. Great kids movie!

Hailey and her friends.... 
Brynne, Charly, Lily, Emy, Hailey, Mykelle  with Ducati in the backgroud stealing a bite of Mike's GF cake

After the movie they played....they colored for a while. Then I opened the gifts and they all played with them.
 Here they are doing a cheer.... BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!! (so cute)
 finally since parents were arriving within minutes Hailey starting catapulting sweet tarts towards the girls while they tried to catch them. She is really creative since I would of never thought of using this homemade catapult for catching food. But was fun!
Well it was time for her friends to go and it was time for Mike to leave as well. However we still had a fun evening. Mike got Hailey an extra Redbox movie, Monte Carlo, and we still have a very special dinner.
So our little Miss is now 6....where did the time go?
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