Sunday, December 11, 2011


Our baby girl is now officially a toddler...Ducati is 2 year old!
After at 6am wake up which is sleeping in for her, she enjoyed a run through of her bedroom streamers,

all her Sesame Street gifts like a big plush Elmo, a new Elmo shirt
a yummy breakfast of eggs and sausage,  a fun time in nursery, watching  the Pooh movie 3-4 times while she tried to climb into the Christmas tree. A lunch menu of cake and spaghetti. And simple dinner of cereal and bananas.

She has had a great day and how I know this is due to her 2 naps, constant laughing and squeals, and the 2 timeouts she's been given today for being alittle too bossy. She's so ready for her terrible two's. :-)

But here's something that I seen on Pinterest that I really fell in love's Cati and all her fast facts :-)

(I think I'm going to start doing this for each kid on their birthday)

I know that we'll have moments that we will catch ourselves missing Ducati's little baby quirks. But Oh Boy- We are excited to start having some real adventures with our little Miss :-) So Happy Birthday to our sweet girl!
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