Monday, July 25, 2016

The Leonardo

One sunny afternoon when we had nothing to do I found an old Groupon from The Leonardo.
The promo value expired like 2 years ago but the cost of the Groupon didn't expire so Mike and I took Lily, Cati, and 1 of their friends to The Leonardo in SLC. (With the Groupon I used that purchase price to get a family membership since the 1 visit would cost us half of membership)

No Fixed Address
 We haven't been to this museum in a while. So everything changed. It was so much better.
There was an exhibit about the homeless. Letters, articles, video, and tons of photos. At the end of the exhibit there was a donation wall where you can chose which charity to give your pennies too.

Each girl got a few cents and ran around the room. But Mike and I read each charities mission statement and dropped our dollars into the our choices. I left the room teary eye'd. There are so many programs, shelters, services in Utah and there still is so many people homeless. It doesn't make sense to me. Either there's not enough room/funding or these people don't want to get off the streets.

Anyways there was this photo of a Fig Tree that caught our attention.

Interesting, right?

Pixel Playland

Think Math
This exhibit was really neat. No one (except me) wanted to leave. Everything had to do with math.

Perception:The Illusion of Reality

This exhibit was really fun. Touching things you can't see. Watching movies without sound effects. Learning about eye perception... MAGIC EYE'S!! We all enjoyed this place!

Leonardo's' Workshop
This was a slice of heaven. There was tunnel wind airplanes. Marble walls. Wooden bridge making, Circuit building, So much more...
This gave me a chance to relax while everyone else played.

Leonardo's Studio 
For my artisy kids they had the chance to play, paint, color, make an animation, play around with a green screen, and build with legos. 


This was the first time we stood somewhere from open to close. We left 15 minutes before the museum closed. I'm so thankful for the membership so we can go back there again.
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