Sunday, July 10, 2016

Midway, Utah

Mike's friend was super kind and invited us all to his families cabin for the weekend.
So right after work we headed up to Midway.
We've never been here and to see if up close it's absolutely beautiful!

With there being some traffic we got to Midway before his friends so we stopped and got some food at Dairy Keen.

I read tons of reviews on how amazing this place is. So of course we had to experience the train restaurant. The price was expensive. For us for we spent $32! But it guess this place can charge whatever they want; it wouldn't matter to the customers. This place was packed!

The cabin was amazing! It was huge!! After unpacking we all decided to go for a hike.  

While on the hike Mike's friend, Dave, showed us all the different flowers and trees. Since he grew up at this cabin he knew his way around this mountain. 
When we got to a meadow we played around with some BB guns.  

Our girls learned proper gun safety and after being carefully guided learned how to shoot. 

While we all took turns shooting business cards we also played frisbee.

Miss Cati hanging out with the guys. But it was getting dark so we paused the fun until morning and hiked the mile back to the cabin. The view of the small town was so pretty. I wish my camera phone would have transformed into a Cannon so I could take a better photo of the view.

Mike and Dave had a late night chatting until 3am. Guys!! But that didn't stop our girls waking up at 7am. So we made breakfast for everyone. For only being 6 of us we had enough food for twice that many people. While we waited for our friends to get ready we played outside.

Then once again we headed back to the meadow, this time driving, to practice our shooting.
Dave gave the suggestion to shoot Pringles since the shattering effect is just awesome to see. Ha!
We were all amazed when Mike made this shot and the chip didn't shatter.

My girls and I hiding in the shade tent. They are so dirty! I'm thankful they love being in the outdoors but I love more the silly faces they make when it's picture time.

From the night before of only learning how to shoot to now taking their shots themselves. Lily and Ducati improved so much. Plus instead of shooting business cards we collected all our soda cans and shot those instead. So they made a few clean shoots through the cans.

It was a great afternoon. But of course we needed lunch, a bathroom break (cuz us girls didn't want to pee on rocks in tick grass), and Dave needed to get his sister so Lily and I stood behind while Mike drove the rest of our party back to the cabin. This allowed us to have some funny time.

 The view is so pretty! But while I was taking pictures I noticed a little arm reaching for Dave's candy bag. Sneaky, sneaky!

Mike and his friends. Dave, middle, and Connor showing his gangster peace sign.
 When everyone came back we continued to shoot alittle more. But now we were getting bored! So we went back to the cabin, packed things up, cooked lunch, cleaned the cabin, chatted with our new friends, and went for a hike to find red rocks.

The trail we wanted was in Francis, Utah. Someplace I never heard of. The town was so small we had no idea where we were. Those are the best types of towns.

 While on our hike we found a herd of cows. Yes! COWS! They were so close that I was a bit freaked out. So I instructed our girls to walk between the grown ups just in case they charged. I know I was afraid of a cow. But safety first. So Connor and Dave took the front while Mike and I covered the back. This gave us the advantage of grabbing the girls and running if something happened with the cows.

We didn't find any red rocks. That's not the scientific term that Dave used but that's all I remember. But we did find this little waterfall. Along with lots of wild flowers, dead animal skeletons, "seashells"  (aka snail shells), cow poop, and lots of flies. 

 My handsome man! ♥


We left this hike sweaty and dirty! Which I am so thankful that my kids aren't afraid to get dirty.
When we got back to our cars we grabbed some towels and headed to the stream across the street and washed off. It felt so nice to stick our aching feet into the cold water.
Then we were treated to pizza from The Pie and drove home. After 2 showers each, brushing out hair tangles, and starting a load of laundry we were all exhausted. The next day at church we were all falling asleep. So after sacrament we went back home and took a much needed nap. A weekend of adventuring with family and friends makes such great memories. I'm thankful that I got to record it all .

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