Sunday, November 22, 2015

Red Rock Lake

These post I am writing are very long over due.
But it's better late than never so I'm writing them anyways so I don't forget.

This past summer Mike and I wanted to travel with our kids and enjoy some of Utah's hidden treasures. This time we went to Red Rock Lake. One of  Mike's childhood places where his mom took him. So we packed up our summer water toys and enjoyed ourselves.
 No lake experience is complete without a frisbee

Our kids had so much fun.
Lily wanted to make double sure she wouldn't drown that she wore a floatie tube on her floatie gecko.
Mike was trying to make a long water bed. It didn't work out.
Especially since our girls kept splashing at him.
 But I don't fear. He can handle himself very well.
 Ducati is such a doll face.
 Here lays Me and Mike in red dirt at the red rock lake.