Sunday, March 29, 2015

Temple Square at Spring

 Sometimes our family just needs to take a step back, make a break, and enjoy the moment. :)

Preparing for a busy week of conference preparations for Mike and the end of the school term for our kids added a lot of stress for all of us. To help relieve some of that anxiety we headed to Temple Square. 
Our girls played with the ducks that swam on the reflection pond.

Absorbed the scents from the flowers. Everything was in bloom which made our stroll even more amazing to look at.

Soaked up some sun.
Listened to Ducati's future plans if being married in the temple.
Made our kids laugh as Mike high-five'd President Monson.

We watched the new missionary videos in the visitors center. This scripture pulled at my heart strings that I wiped some tears away before we moved on.
But best if all taking these moments to be reminded that it's not suppose to be easy but only worth it.
To do God's work.
 To be a forever family. 
And love one another. :) 

We needed this break :)