Wednesday, March 4, 2015

7 years ago....

years ago Mike and I sat down with the bishop who was marrying us ( Mike's brother, Steven) and were advised that the odds were stacked against us. That with all the baggage we were both bringing into the marriage and the short duration we knew each other (3 weeks) that this marriage wouldn't see 2 years. We accepted that challenge.... 

And have been thankful of that advice. 

7 years has brought 
-4 kids
-4 different addresses
- 8 jobs between us
- legal issues
-many times we've zeroed out our bank account
- many nasty fights
- addiction

But we knew that if we wanted our relationship to last we needed to work , and work hard for us to make each day a success. 

So we made the commitment to follow God and have him be in our marriage. 

So because of that choice 7 years ALSO brought:

- laugh lines
- weight gain from eating yummy donuts together while hiding in our room
- being spoiled that we can't sleep without the other next to us
- being brought out of our comfort zone and trying new things
- learning together
- teaching each other our talents
- money management so I can stay home with our kids
-being sealed together so we now have a. "Forever Family"
-showing our kids the important of dating even after marriage
-finishing each other's sentences.... Or talking without even saying a word ( our kids think this is really weird and awesome how we can do this)
- much,much, more joy

And we are also thankful for the advice we learned from others 
"to always be newlyweds" by Angela and Jerome.

" To love whoever our spouse wants to be. " 

" Babysitters are cheaper than divorces" Utchderif. 

" Never talk bad about your spouse in front of anyone" 

"Be absolute best friends. We can just hang out and have the most fun together." By Tina Tate.
So 7 years seems like a blink compared to the rest of our lives. :) I can't wait to see whats in store because I know we're doing it together. 
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