Wednesday, October 28, 2015


One of any perks of homeschooling is being able to teach my kids MORE than just the regular standardized stuff. Each month we learn about a different country thanks to Little Passports. This month we learned about Brazil.

Little Passports is a geography program that each month a kit comes in the mail with tons of facts about a specific country. And once we get this kit I add on extra educational experiences to enhance the global experience. 

For this month we.... 

Learned about the Brazilian flag an what each part of it means.

Listened to primary songs in porteges. 
Made Carnival mask and learned about the biggest global party of the year
Learned Capoeira 
 Played a kids game called Rooster 
I made a traditional Brazilian dinner which everyone really enjoyed 
Except for the limeade. This was a new flavor we've never had so it took some time getting use to it. ( it's blended lines with sugar water mixed with milk) 
And we went on a field trip to a chocolate factory where we learned all about the cacao tree that makes cocoa beans. 
But you can't visit a chocolate factory and not enjoy some yummy after tour treats 
Besides all this we read a few books about Brazil, played the Little Passports online game, watched a couple documentaries on Netflix, watched Rio, learned about the Christus statue, and danced to some brazilian music 

My kids ( and the neighbor kids) are excited to see what country we learn about next month. Blessing we homeschool.