Saturday, January 24, 2015

Missed Truth

Mike gave me the wake up call that last year I only journaled 9 times. 9 times! Our life contained more memories than that.  We moved, then moved again. My stepdad left. My mom lived with us. Then she got her own play. My mom's new boyfriend. Broken down cars. Christmas miracle of family bringing the Christmas party to us. Holding a new nephew. Mike losing his best childhood friend, Wes. Losing a friend of mine, Andrew. The lost of family members, Alexander The Great. Meeting a new nephew, Jory, who's 19. Seeing my father in law, Brent, and making memories with our kids about laundry baskets. Our kids going back to school. Then back to homeschool.
I know there's more but at this moment it's all become a missed memory.
So I'm going to be restarting my journaling again.
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